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Frequently Asked Questions

The bikes you offer are singlespeed bikes, what does that mean exactly?

Singlespeed bikes have only one gear. You might think now that you cannot be as fast as with other bikes. We did several tests within the city ourselves and experienced quite the opposite. Especially the low weight and thin racing tires are big plus.

Can I reserve the bike now and start the rental contract later?

Yes, you only pay one month upfront. If you wish to pick up your bike on a later point of time just notify us and we will arrange everything. Your rental contract starts at the day of the pick-up.

What happens if I lose or damage the bike or the extra-equipment?

In the case of losing the bike an extra charge of € 285,- is due and the rental payments must be done until the contract end. If you rent one of our high-quality steel locks and the bike was locked with it at the time of theft (proof of a police report is required) we decrease the charge to just € 95,-. We guarantee you a functioning bike. Althoug in the case of any demage caused by you intentionally or carelessly, the cost of repair or replacement has to be covered by you. If the extra equipment is lost we charge you the purchase price.

Can I step back from the contract?

Within 14 days you have the right to return the bike free of charge. For details please see our return policy and rental contract.

Why should I pay for your bikes if I can get a Citybike for free at those stations in Vienna?

Citybikes are only free of charge for the first hour, afterwards the price per hour increases exponentially up to 4 €/hour! In our opinion these bikes are a good option if you need a bike on maximum 1-2 occasions per month.

What if something breaks?

Any problem with the bike will be fixed by our mechanic. Notify us by scanning the QR-Code on the bike and filling in the demage report form and we will organize everything. Exceptions: flat tires can (but doesn't have to) be fixed directly by yourself. If extensive work is needed, we will try to offer you a substitute bike. Otherwise, while the bike is in the repairshop, rent is of course free of charge.

But what about going uphill, isn't that extra hard with just one gear?

Planning a mountain-tour on a singlespeed bike might be a challenge, but for the average short climb inside the city this does usually not represent a problem.

Can men and women ride these bikes?

Yes, all types that we offer are unisex. Just check out the chart and see which size fits you best :)

What if I want to return the bike before the rental period ends?

You can return it at any time, yet unfortunately we cannot reduce the price in this case because our business model is based on a long-term rental agreement.

Is the rental contract being extended automatically if I do not quit it?

No, it ends automatically. If you notify us up to 14 days before the contract ends, we are happy to extend it for you.

Can I use this rental bike to earn money, for example as a bycicle courier?

If you want to use our bike in a commercial way please inform us. Due to much higher average use as a commercial bycicle courier we must claim a surcharge. Any unauthorized missuse of the bike will result in an early end of the rental agreement and a contractual penalty (see rental contract).

Is it possible to ride this bike also offroad?

No, it is forbidden to use the bike offroad and it`s not that fun anyway ;-)

Are the bikes equiped for public roads?

Yes the standard rental includes front and rear light as well as all necessary reflectors and a bell.

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