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Our pricing model is especially customized for people that need a bike for a limited amount of time. You can enjoy any of our bikes for 5 months (or even longer) carefree.

The flate rate includes the fully equiped bycicle, a guarantee on all parts during the entire rental period & a lifelong membership for the BIKESLY community. 

Additionally, you have access to the rental of any extra equipment you might need for your daily rides, such as helmet, lock, pump
or even a phoneholder - all of this for ridiculously low monthly prices.

Type Rental Time Price
5 months minimum
€ 29,00 / month
Full Year 12 month 
€ 19,90 / month


If you decide to rent for 12 month please use the code: "1fullyear" at the checkout. All prices including VAT.

Minimum rental time: 5 months (ends automatically if you don't extend it). If you need a bike for less than 5 month please get in touch with us, we will always try to find a solution.

No deposit necessary!

In case of a total bike loss, the amount of € 285,- is due.

Altough if you chose to rent one of our high-quality locks or use a similar lock of your own and the bike was locked with it at the time of theft we decrease the charge to just € 95,-.

Prices for the extra equipment per month:

Type: Price / month
Foldable steel lock € 2,00
Cycling helmet € 2,50
Phone holder € 1,50
LED-lightset ultra strong & rechargeable € 2,00
Mini pump € 0,50
Triangle bag € 0,50
Chain lock € 1,00

All prices including 20 % VAT.

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